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    How do I send an SMS from Skype?

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    You can send SMS (text messages) to mobiles from Skype at great low rates. All you need is a little Skype Credit.

    Find out how much it costs to send SMS messages from Skype.

    Sending an SMS to a contact

    It’s easy to send an SMS to one of your contacts.

    1. In Skype, above the chat box, click via Skype and change to SMS.

      If your contact hasn't saved a mobile phone number in their profile, you'll see the option to enter one. Select the country from the drop-down, type their phone number and click the tick.
    2. Type your text message into the chat box and click the Send icon.

    3. You'll see this icon next to your message when it's been delivered successfully.

    Sending an SMS to someone who isn't a contact

    You can send an SMS to someone even if they’re not a Skype contact – you just need to know their phone number.

    1. In Skype, click Call to show the dial pad.
    2. If you’re texting abroad, select the country from the drop-down, and then type the phone number or click the numbers on the dial pad.

    3. Click the Write SMS button.
    4. Type your message into the chat box and then click the Send icon.

    The person you send the SMS to won’t be able to reply to you on Skype. However, if you change your caller ID so it shows your mobile number instead of your Skype Name, they can reply to your text. The reply will go to your phone, not Skype.

    Having problems with sending SMS? Read these troubleshooting tips.

    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling