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    Who can see my Skype profile information?

    You control who can see the information in your Skype profile. Some information is visible to everyone, but you can leave it blank if you don't want it shown in your profile. The information that is visible to everyone includes your Skype name, location, gender, birthdate, language, and About Me section. 

    To see what others can see about you, use this link to access your Skype account from any platform or device.  The information you provide in your profile can be:

    • Public: Everyone using Skype can see this information. 
    • Contacts only: Only your contacts can see this information. 
    • Private: No one can see this information.

    You can change some of your profile information using Skype for Windows desktop, Skype for Mac, or Skype for Linux, and the updates will be synchronized across all your devices. This option isn't currently available in our mobile versions. 

    1. Click your profile picture
    2. Click Show full profile. 
    3. Click each profile setting to change it to a different option, or delete the information if you don't want it to be visible in your profile. 

    Your email address is never displayed. No one can see it when looking at your profile. It is encrypted and stored in our directory only so that friends who already know your email address can use it to search for you. 

    Information you include in your Skype profile, such as your location, email, or phone number make it easier for your friends to find you. 

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