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I'm having a problem placing an order...

The table below shows the most common problems encountered when placing an order, and the ways to resolve them.


Problem Resolution
I paid for the product, but my account balance isn’t updated, and I can’t make calls

Make sure that the product you ordered has been delivered to your account. Check your purchase history and account balance to do so.

Learn more about why your account hasn’t been updated, or find out why you can’t make any calls.

I have an active subscription, but I was charged from my Skype Credit

If you’re charged for a call from your Skype Credit even though you have an active subscription, find out what your subscription covers exactly, and choose one of the suggestions from the table to resolve the problem.

I was charged for a product twice

Make sure that the payments were made for the same product. If so, please contact the customer service to get a refund for the extra purchase.

Payment fails when I’m trying to make an order

There can be several reasons for your payment failing:

  • You didn’t complete your order. Try to make the payment again.
  • Your payment was declined due to purchase limits.
  • You entered your credit card or personal details incorrectly. Make sure you provide the correct details and make the payment again, or try a different card/payment method.
I get a message saying "This order is not found or already exists..." Delete your browser cookies and try again.
I am using an anonymous proxy

As a fraud prevention method, we do not allow purchases made via an anonymous proxy or proxy-server.

If this doesn’t help, use another computer to make your purchase or contact your internet provider for further assistance.

My credit/debit card has been charged, but I haven’t made an order

Your credit/debit card might have been charged for one of the following reasons:

  • It’s a recurring payment.
  • It’s a credit card authorization.
  • Your card provider participates in an Account Updater program
  • Your account might have been used fraudulently.
    Learn more about privacy and security.
I can’t add a new credit card to my account when making an order

For security reasons, we limit the number of active credit cards you can store in your account.

I’m getting a refund I didn’t ask for

This might have happened because you have tried to fund more than two Skype accounts with your credit card. Try the payment again using a different credit card.

My account has been disabled after placing an order

Your details may have fallen into the wrong hands. If we think this is the case, we may have suspended your account as a precaution.

I was emailed a discount but it was not applied in the payment flow

The most likely reason for this is that the promotion has already expired, or you have more than one Skype account and the offer relates to a different account.

Check the discount email to see if the Skype Name and/or Terms and Conditions apply to your specific Skype account.

I can’t redeem my voucher in the payment flow

Always make sure that your voucher is valid and that you enter the number and value correctly, without spaces or hyphens.

To find out what vouchers are available in your country, check our ways to pay.

My subscription has expired and I can’t subscribe to the same package

You’ll have 90 days to change the subscription payment method and reactivate it. If you don’t purchase the package again within this time, then it’s possible that you’ll need to purchase a new subscription.

 If you’re still having problems with payments on Skype, please contact Skype Customer Service or check out the other ways to reach us.

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