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How does the Skype Affiliate Program work?

The Affiliate Program works by you (the publisher) placing links to Skype (the advertiser) on your website. Commission Junction, our affiliate network partner, provides a variety of links for you to place on your website, including banners, text links, and content links.

The links enable tracking of online purchases. When a visitor to your site clicks on one of the links, they are directed to the Skype site and a cookie is placed on their browser for 90 days. Any time the visitor makes a purchase from Skype during those next 90 days, the purchase is tracked and you'll receive a commission on the sale.

Commission Junction tracks all the online purchases made, pays out the commissions you earn from the program, and provides you with affiliate marketing resources and training. In addition they provide the Skype links for you to use in the program.

Skype manages all of the order taking and the billing process.

Commission Junction provides a rich set of resources and detailed FAQs to their publishers and you can access this information through the publisher account you have set up with them.

If you have not yet registered with our affiliate network partner, but would like to ask them a question, you can contact them directly*.

For more help and information on how to advertise Skype on your site, visit the Skype Affiliate Program website.

*Skype is not responsible for the content of external sites.

How am I paid a commission for a sale made through a link on my website?

All commission payments are issued according to the rules and regulations of each affiliate network partner. Commission Junction uses cookie-based systems, which store information when a visitor clicks on a link to Skype. That information, or cookie, is stored in the visitor's browser for 90 days. If the visitor makes a purchase from Skype within 90 days, the cookies will store which links the visitor clicked on and from which site, so Commission Junction will know which publisher to pay for the sale.

Payments are made at set intervals throughout the year, provided your total commissions exceed the partner’s minimum payout amount. Forms of payment include checks sent to you in the mail, or direct bank deposit, in your designated currency.

How do you track a sale from customers who have their cookies turned off?

Over 99% of all internet users have cookies enabled in their browsers. In the highly unlikely situation that a customer has their cookies disabled, the customer is out of the range of publisher tracking and any sales that occur cannot be tracked.

If you have any further questions about how the Skype Affiliate Program works, visit our website or email us at

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