I’m having problems registering with the Skype Affiliate Program…

If you are having problems with the Skype Affiliate registration process (for example, you can’t see an image on a registration page) then you are most likely blocking cookies on your computer. You need to edit your browser settings to allow cookies from Commission Junction (from http://www.cj.com).

To enable cookies in your browser:

For Internet Explorer

  1. Open your browser and go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy.
  2. Under Settings, choose Accept all Cookies and click OK.

    If you only want to accept cookies from Commission Junction, click Sites and under Address of website, type www.cj.com. Then click Allow.

For Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open your browser and go to Tools > Options > Privacy.
  2. Under History, select Use custom settings for history.
  3. Under Accept cookies from sites, click Exceptions and under Address of web site, type www.cj.com. Then click Allow.

Your cookies may also be blocked by third party internet security applications, or other firewall or privacy protection software. Contact your software vendor or consult the manual to enable the cookies.

If you have any further questions or problems with joining the Skype Affiliate Program, email affiliates@skype.net.

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