Why am I charged a VAT rate of 15%?

Skype may charge VAT (value added tax) or other indirect taxes at the appropriate rate (as per applicable tax rule) at the time of Skype Credit purchase. The Luxembourg VAT rate of 15% generally applies if you are located in the EU and Skype products are purchased and used within the EU.

Local taxes may apply in certain countries.

Some territories in the EU are exempt from VAT under Council Directive 2006/112/EC on the common system of VAT. The Skype website does not enable users in such territories to take advantage of this VAT exemption; therefore we do not provide Skype products in these territories.

You explicitly waive any right to VAT refund from Skype if the amount of VAT ultimately payable by Skype to the tax authorities is, for any reason, lower than the amount of VAT you were charged at the time of your purchase.

If VAT is not charged in your country, you will see a line in your order reading "VAT 0%".

If you use Skype in your business and would like to register your EU VAT code, we recommend that you sign up for Skype Manager™, where you can enter your VAT code and be exempt from paying VAT.

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