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    I just purchased Skype Credit but I cannot make any calls...

    It usually takes only seconds or minutes for Skype Credit to appear in your balance after making a purchase, but occasionally it can take longer. Try the following:

    First, ensure that your order has been DeliveredSign in to your account and click Show purchase history. You can see the order number and the status (e.g. Pending, Delivered).

    Next, check that your Skype Credit balance is positive. You may need to sign out of Skype for the balance to refresh. Click Skype > Sign Out (or Skype > Quit Skype on a Mac) and sign in again with your Skype Name and password.

    Note that simply closing the Skype application and restarting again is not the same as signing out. That won't actually refresh your balance.

    Finally, attempt to place a call. In some cases where a balance has not updated after a purchase, making a call can force the update. If your order has been delivered, the call will connect and your balance will then update.

    Important: If you have bought a subscription to call one or more countries, this will not show up on your Skype Credit balance. It will be displayed as a delivered order in your account.

    If you still can't make any calls, try contacting our chat support.

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