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    Troubleshooting Skype call forwarding

    If you are having problems with call forwarding, check the following.

    1. Do you have enough Skype Credit or a suitable subscription?

      You need to have some Skype Credit or a calling subscription to forward calls to a mobile or landline number.

      Check your account balance to make sure you have enough Skype Credit to forward your calls. If you have a subscription, make sure that it covers the number you want to forward your incoming calls to.

    2. Have you set up call forwarding correctly?

      Check our guide to setting up call forwarding. Make sure you’ve entered the forwarding number correctly, with the full international dialing code. We recommend you make a test call to the number you’ve entered to confirm it’s correct.

    3. Have you checked your privacy settings?

      You may have your privacy set so that only contacts can call you. Check your privacy settings and if you need to, change them to allow anyone to contact you on Skype.

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