How do I buy Skype Credit in Skype Manager™?

It’s easy to buy Skype Credit in Skype Manager. You can pay for Skype Credit using a credit card, PayPal, Sofortbanking and lots of other ways. If your company’s registered address is in the United States and your company has been verified, you can pay for Skype Credit in Skype Manager using an American Express (AMEX) card.

Once you have purchased some Skype Credit, you can allocate it to your members.

Important: When you set up Skype Manager, there is a limit to the maximum amount of Skype Credit you can purchase, which depends on the payment method you use and how much Skype Credit you've already purchased in any given month. The range of payment methods available to you is also limited.

To access a wider range of payment methods and to increase your purchase limit, you will need to get your company verified (if available for your country).

To buy Skype Credit:

  1. Sign in to Skype Manager.
  2. Click Buy Skype Credit in the toolbar.
  3. If this is the first time you have bought Skype Credit for your Skype Manager, select your payment method, and click Next.
  4. Select the amount of Skype Credit you wish to buy.

  5. If you are buying Skype Credit with a credit card or PayPal, enable or disable Auto-recharge.

    With Auto-recharge, you can recharge your account automatically when your Skype Credit balance falls below a certain amount. Do this by checking the Save time in the future with Auto-Recharge box.

  6. Click Buy now. Confirmation of your purchase will be displayed.

Learn more about how to change your Auto-recharge settings.

Learn more about how to view your purchase history and how to download invoices.

For more information on Skype Manager, there is a Quick Start Guide, a User Guide and several tutorial movies available on the Guides page of the Skype Support site.

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