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    How do I remove members from my Skype Manager™?

    Members can leave the Skype Manager at any time – you can remove them from your Skype Manager but they retain their accounts. 

    Learn more about releasing accounts instead of deleting them.

    To delete members from your Skype Manager:

    1. Sign in to Skype Manager.
    2. Click Members in the toolbar to display the All members page.
    3. Check the box next to each member that you want to delete. When you select a member, the option for deleting members from your Skype Manager is automatically displayed.

    4. Click Delete members in the window that opens. 
    • Deleting an account will only remove it from your Skype Manager. The account itself will retain any Skype Credit allocated to it. Any subscriptions or Voice Messaging assigned to the account will be cancelled when the expiry period is reached.

    Learn more about Skype Manager by visiting our Guides page on the Skype Support site to view tutorial movies, User Guides or the Quick Start Guide.

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