What do I need to make a video call?

To make a Skype video call, you and the person you are calling will need:

Before making a video call, we recommend that you check your webcam is working correctly. If you still have a problem with video calling, these tips can help.

Call quality

The quality of your video call can be standard, high or HD (high definition). The following table describes the technical differences between various quality levels.

Video quality Image resolution (pixels) Frames per second
Standard 320x240 15
High-quality 640x480 30
HD 1280x720 30

When you make a video call, Skype will automatically determine the quality of video call that your system is capable of supporting. This is determined by many factors, such as the quality of the webcam you and the person you are calling with are using, the speed of the internet connection you both have, and the specification of your computers. You can check your call quality settings at any time, before or during a call.

To make and receive high-quality or HD video calls, you’ll need a high-quality or HD webcam, as well as a high-speed broadband connection. Your computer will also need to meet the following hardware requirements.

Hardware Minimum Recommended
CPU 1 GHz At least 1.8 GHz
Graphics card 32 MB At least 64 MB
Memory 256 MB At least 512 MB

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