How do bank transfers work?

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    A bank transfer is one of the many ways you can pay for Skype products and features. The following frequently asked questions will help you understand what bank transfers are and how they work.

    What is a bank transfer?

    A bank transfer, also known as a wire transfer, is a way of moving funds from one entity to another, e.g. when your bank sends payment to Skype. There are two main types of bank transfer:

    • One-off bank transfers, where you make an order on the Skype website and are supplied with all the necessary bank information to complete the payment at the bank (in person, by post, or by phone). For more information on how to pay by one-off bank transfer, see How do I pay by one-off bank transfer?
    • Online bank transfers, where you make an order on the Skype website and are automatically re-directed to the bank’s website to complete the payment. These methods are only supported locally (within one country).

    A bank transfer is a universally available payment method but there’s no standard procedure for all banks. Even banks within the same country or territory may have different procedures for handling a bank transfer payment.

    Note that once payment of a bank transfer is made, Skype cannot reverse it until payment is complete and the order has been delivered.

    Will I incur any fees?

    Your bank may charge you a processing fee in addition to the amount sent to Skype to pay for your order. Skype cannot reimburse you for any bank imposed processing fees.

    If your bank imposes a fee or is unable to complete the transaction, you may want to consider an alternative payment method.

    Can I do a bank transfer in my country?

    To find out if bank transfer is available as a payment method in your country, visit our ways to pay page.

    How long does a bank transfer take?

    The time it takes for your payment to clear and your order to be delivered depends on the bank system and the country where the payment is made. As a guideline:

    • For regular bank transfers, where you need to complete the payment at the bank, the payment should clear within 3-7 business days.
    • For online bank transfers, where you complete payment using the bank’s website, the payment should clear within 2 business days. In rare cases, it may take up to 4 business days.