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Voice Messaging is a free Skype feature and you can easily activate it from your account. When you purchase a Skype Number or an unlimited subscription, Voice Messaging is activated automatically.

Not sure how to set up Voice Messaging? Check out this handy guide.

If you are having problems with Voice Messaging, refer to the following table for help.

Problem Resolution
I’ve enabled Voice Messaging, but it’s not active.

Sign in to your account and, in the Manage features section, click Voice messages. The status should be Enabled.

If Voice Messaging is not enabled, try signing out of Skype and signing back in again. In the menu bar, click Skype > Sign Out (File > Sign out on a Mac), and then sign back in using your Skype Name and password. When you have done this, Voice Messaging should be enabled and you are ready to set it up.

I signed in to Skype using a different computer and my voice messages have disappeared.

As soon as you have listened to a message, it is transferred from our servers and stored locally* on your computer. This means that you won’t be able to listen to it if you sign in to Skype on a different computer.

*Skype for Windows desktop: your voice messages are saved as .DAT files in C:/Documents and Settings/username/Application Data/SkypeName/voicemail.

*Skype for Mac OS X: your voice messages are saved as .DAT files in Library > Application Support > Skype > Skype_username > Voicemail.

A message I hadn’t listened to yet has disappeared.

Voice messages that are not listened to are stored on our servers for 60 days before they are deleted.


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