Troubleshooting Skype voice messaging

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    Not sure how to set up voice messaging? Check out this handy guide.

    If you are having problems with voice messaging, check the following issues.

    Sign in to your account and, in the Manage features section, select Call forwarding and voicemail. Check that the status is Enabled. If it’s not, select the button to enable it.

    Next, try signing out of Skype and signing back in again: in Skype, select your profile picture and select Sign Out , and then sign back in. Voice messaging should now be enabled.

    Make sure you are signed into the same account for Skype that you enabled voicemail for.

    Voice messages that are not listened to are stored on our servers for 30 days before they are deleted.

    We’ve removed your outgoing voicemail message as custom greetings are no longer supported. Skype will use the default message for your app language.