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How do I use Skype Click to Call?

Skype Click to Call is a really easy way for you to make calls to numbers on websites, with just one click.

Learn how to get Skype Click to Call.

This FAQ will show you how to:


Skype Click to Call is supported by:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8 or above), Firefox and Google Chrome for Windows desktop 

Starting a call

To start a call from your browser, simply hover the mouse over the highlighted number on the website and select Call from the drop-down menu. Depending on your browser, you might see a pop-up message asking you to confirm that you want to start Skype.

It’s free to call numbers that are labeled “FREE”. When you hover your mouse over a number, a list of options is displayed. 

Call or Add the selected free phone number to Skype.

To call mobile or landline numbers, you’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription.

Call or Add the selected phone number to Skype, but Skype Credit is necessary to make the call.

You must be signed in to Skype to call from a website.

If you try to call a number from a website after you've signed out, Skype opens automatically. To start the call, simply sign in and confirm that you wish to make a call.

Confirm that you are sure to proceed with calling a phone number from the website using Skype Credit or Subscription.

If you don’t want this window to be displayed the next time you call a number from a website, check the Do not ask me again box.

Adding a number to my contacts

To add a number to your contact list, hover the mouse over the number and select Add to Skype.

Add the selected phone number to Skype.

The number is automatically added to your contacts. You can rename the contact if you want and call them straight away.

Skype window confirms you added the phone number to your contacts and displays options to rename and call it.

Changing the country code of a Click to Call number

To change the country code for an individual number:

  1. On a website, click the highlighted number you want to change.
  2. In the message box displayed, click the flag menu drop-down list next to Change country code for this call, and choose the correct country code.
  3. Click OK to dial the number.

    Confirm that you want to change the international country code of the number you selected.

Removing Skype Click to Call

You can go to your Control Panel to uninstall Skype Click to Call:

  • For Windows XP: Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs. Find Skype Click to Call and click Remove.
  • For Windows Vista and 7: Click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall a Program. Find Skype Click to Call and click Uninstall.
  • For Windows 8/8.1: Move your mouse to the top right hand corner of the screen, and click the Search option. In the search box, type Add or remove programs, then click on the Add or remove programs search suggestion that comes up. Find Skype Click to Call and click Uninstall.


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