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Can I add a mobile or landline contact to a group?

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You can add mobile or landline contacts to a group conversation, just as you would add any other contact.

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. In the Recent tab, select the group you want.
  3. In the conversation window, click the + button to the right of the Call group button, and select Add people.

  4. In the Add people window, click the contacts you want to add, then click Select. You can select multiple people at the same time by pressing and holding the Ctrl key and then clicking the contacts to add.

To add a contact’s phone number manually, enter their number into the text box at the bottom left of the screen, then click Select.

  1. When you've finished adding contacts, click Add.

Adding a mobile or landline contact to a group can be useful if you want to make a group call – but you’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription to call them. If you send instant messages, however, the mobile or landline contact won’t receive them.

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