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    Can I call my Microsoft Outlook contacts in Skype?

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    You can show your Microsoft Outlook contacts in Skype and call them with a little Skype Credit or a subscription. If you do this, all contacts in your Outlook address book with a phone number will be displayed in your contact list.

    Outlook contacts will only appear in Skype on the computer where your Outlook address book is stored. So if you sign in to Skype on another computer you won’t see your Outlook contacts in Skype. However, when you add or import contacts, they will appear in your Contact list no matter where you sign in from.

    To enable Show Outlook contacts, in the menu bar click Contacts > Show Outlook Contacts. Once you have done this, your Outlook contacts will be shown in your contact list.

    To filter your contact list to display only your Outlook contacts, in your contact list click the dropdown arrow next to All contacts and select Microsoft Office Outlook.

    You can call an Outlook contact in the same way as you would call any other Skype contact, but you will need a little Skype Credit or a subscription. Note that if the Outlook contact has more than one number stored, you will see multiple tabs in the calling area. Select the tab for the number you want to call and then click the green call button. You will need to update an Outlook contact’s information in Outlook before it can be updated in Skype. Whenever you update or add a new contact in Outlook, and wish to display them in Skype, you will need to enable and then re-enable Show Outlook Contacts.

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