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    Skype Click to Call is changing

    From October 20th 2016, Skype Click to Call will be retired. Skype Click to Call was a plugin that highlighted phone numbers on the web. Anyone with the plugin installed could tap a highlighted number and call it using their Skype Credit. 

    While it’s not a direct replacement of the Click to Call functionality, Skype Extension gives you quick access to Skype calling and sharing on the web for those using Chrome and Firefox.

    Skype Extension allows you to quickly share web pages, URLs and videos with your Skype contacts, making it easier than ever to add content to fuel your Skype conversations. It also gives you fast access to Skype for Web, allowing you to use Skype and make calls to landlines and mobiles at low rates.

    Skype extension

    To make a call to a landline or mobile from the web, simply copy the number in your browser and paste it into the dial pad in Skype for Web.

    Skype dial pad

    We’ll be adding lots more features to Skype Extension in the coming months so stay tuned for updates!

    Learn more about the Skype Extensions or install the Skype Extension for Chrome and Firefox.

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