What is Skype Click to Call?

Skype Click to Call is a really easy way for you to make calls to phone numbers on websites, with just one click.

Skype Click to Call used to be known as Skype Web Toolbars.

How it works

Skype Click to Call is a plug-in that you can easily download and install in your web browser. To download Skype Click to Call, click here, then click Download Skype Click to Call.

Click Run when asked if you wish to run, save, or cancel the installation file.

Skype Click to Call is supported by the Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers for Windows desktop. After you install Skype Click to Call, make sure you restart the browser and choose to enable the plug-in in your browser when prompted.

The Skype Click to Call plug-in is no longer available for the Safari web browser on Mac OS X. If you already have the plug-in installed on your computer, you can keep using it as before. However, if you upgrade to Mac OS X Mavericks, you may experience compatibility issues. To avoid the issues, we recommend that you disable Skype Click to Call in your browser preferences.

The plug-in automatically highlights phone numbers wherever they appear on the web, and lets you call them with one click through your Skype account. It’s free to call numbers that are labeled FREE.

Options that appear after clicking a free phone number that the Skype Click to Call plug-in highlights on the web

To call mobile and landline numbers, you’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription.

Options that appear after clicking a phone number that the Skype Click to Call plug-in highlights on the web

If you want to call a person you found on the web again, you can add their phone number to your Skype contacts.

Find out more about using Skype Click to Call.

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