How much does it cost to send SMS messages?

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    The cost of sending an SMS from Skype varies according to the country you’re sending it to. You'll need to have some Skype Credit – sending text messages is not covered by our subscriptions.

    To check the SMS message rates to any destination:

    1. Go to our rates page and type the country you want to text into the search box.
    2. Under Choose a calling option, the SMS rate is displayed in the Skype Credit box. 

    To view rates in a different currency, just select it from the currency drop-down.

    If you already have some Skype Credit, you can also check the cost of sending an SMS from within Skype. It's displayed just above the conversation box before you send a text.


    Skype doesn’t charge you if someone sends you a text message from Skype. However, standard message and data rates may apply, and these text messages may count towards any messaging limit set in your mobile plan. Check with your mobile provider for further information.

    Not sure how to send a text from Skype? Check out this handy guide.