What is a Skype Name?

Your Skype Name is a unique user name that many people use to sign in to Skype; it was created when first signing up for a Skype account. 

Skype Name selected in the Skype sign-in screen.

Note: Many people (especially those who signed up recently) sign into Skype using a Microsoft account. If you’re not sure what type of account you have, or you're having trouble signing into Skype, click here.  If you use a Microsoft account to sign into Skype, you do not need a Skype name for most situations. You simply use the email address you use to sign into Skype to share with friends. 

Your Skype Name must have between 6 and 32 characters. It must start with a letter and can contain only letters, numbers and the following punctuation marks:

  • full stop (.)
  • comma (,)
  • dash (-)
  • underscore (_)

After you’ve created your account, you cannot change your Skype Name, although you can change your display name. Learn more.

When you sign in to your account, your Skype Name will appear at the top left of the Skype window.

The Skype Name and display name selected in the top left of the application window.

  1. Skype Name ( for example: richarddavies59)
  2. Display name (for example: Richard Davies)

If you've forgotten your Skype Name, it is easy to find out what it is.

New to Skype? Learn how to get the most out of Skype.

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