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    How do I add 'contact me' buttons and Skype URI links to my website or app?

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    If you’re a web or app designer, or if you’re a business owner with a website, adding 'contact me' buttons and Skype URI links make it really easy for people to call you from Skype.

    Contact me buttons

    If you display contact me buttons on your website, blog or application, anyone who has Skype can simply click the button on your page or email to call you.

    To get a contact me button:

    1. Go to the contact me buttons page.
    2. In the Let's get started... section, enter the required information and choose what you'd like your button to do and how you'd like it to look. This generates a specific code.
    3. Copy and paste the generated code into your website's code or application.


    Skype URI links

    Skype URIs provide a simple way for people to start Skype calls and chats directly from websites, desktop and mobile apps. To learn more, visit the Skype Developer pages and start building with Skype.

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