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How do I change my Skype settings?

To access your Skype settings...

  • on Android: Tap the menu icon (three vertical lines), then tap Settings

  • on iOS: From the home screen, tap Settings (gear icon). 

  • on Mac: Go to Skype > Preferences, then select a tab name to change its settings. 

  • on Skype for Windows 10: Select Settings (gear icon). 

  • on Web: Select Settings (gear icon). 

  • on Windows desktop: Select Tools > Options, then select a tab name to change its settings. 

You can access your Skype settings from any platform or device, but not all settings are available to change on every platform. However, if you sign in to Skype on Windows desktop or Mac, changes to your settings will sync and persist across any other device.

  • Privacy
    Control how visible you are to others on Skype, restrict calls, video calls, and instant messages, and prevent people from contacting you by blocking them. 
  • Contacts
    Choose to automatically add your friends as contacts on Skype.
  • IMs
    Control who can send you an instant message, how emoticons appear, and customize your font. 
  • Notifications
    Increase, reduce, or eliminate what events Skype alerts you to. 
  • Voice and Video Calls
    Set up call forwarding, voice mail, and call settings such as having your incoming calls or video calls automatically forwarded. 
  • Audio
    Change the sensitivity of your microphone and adjust your speaker levels. 
  • Sounds
    Customize sounds for calls, IMs, alerts, and notifications. 
  • Video
    set upyour webcam and screen sharing options. 
  • Advanced
    turn on automatic updates, enable keyboard shortcuts, and enable accessibility mode. 

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