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    How do I view, and interact with my friend's Highlights in Skype on mobile?

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    Catching up with the people you care about is a lot more fun when you use Highlights in Skype to stay in touch. Before you can view or react to your friend's highlights, you'll need to start following some people. Learn more about getting started with Highlights in Skype. Highlights is only available in Skype on iPhone and Android (6.0+).

    To look at your friend's highlights:

    1. Tap the Highlights tab.
    2. Tap on a highlight, and swipe left or right to navigate through that person's highlights.
    3. Swipe down to exit.

    In the Highlights screen, new highlights you haven't seen yet are always displayed first. 

    1. Tap the Highlights tab.
    2. Tap on a highlight, and then tap the smiley face smiley button button to add a reaction. The reactions you add to your friend's highlight are visible to all their followers. 

    See how people reacted to your highlights by tapping your profile picture which will take you to your notifications panel. 

    Reaction notification

    Alternatively, you can click on your highlight thumbnail from the Highlights screen, and then click on the reaction bubble to see who reacted.

    Who reacted to a highlight

    1. Tap the Highlights tab.
    2. Tap on a highlight, and then tap the text button.

      Chat about a highlight

    3. Type a message, and then tap the send send button button. Your friend will receive your message in a chat, and get a notification on their device. Learn more about managing Skype notifications

      Send a message to a highlight


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