Common questions with Skype on desktop

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    Skype keeps you more connected to your world by making it simple to get things done, have rich conversations, or enjoy spontaneous moments together with your friends and family. 

    Verify that you meet the system requirements for Skype.

    What can I do in Skype for desktop?

    • profile pictureProfile picture - Select your profile picture so you can update your status to Active, AwayDo not disturb, or Invisible, manage your Skype Credit or Subscriptions, and get to your Settings button Settings.
    • more menu More - Quickly get to your Settings button Settings, get Help, send feedbackReport a problem, Enable split view mode, view Keyboard Shortcuts, or Sign out.
    • search button Search - Find your friends quickly. 
    • dialpad button Dial pad - Quickly access the dial pad.
    • chats button Chats - View your recent chats, favorites, and start a new conversation. 
    • Calls button Calls - Use the dial pad, quickly find your recent calls, or make a new call to one of your contacts.
    • contacts button Contacts - Go to your contacts window where you can easily filter your Skype contacts by AllSkype only contacts, and which of your contacts is Active Now on Skype.
    • notification button Notifications - Go to your Skype notifications window.
    • New chat button Chat - Start a new group chat, a new one-to-one chat, or a new Private Conversation.
    • down chevron button chat filter - View Recent or Hidden chats, sort your chats by Time or Unread, or Hide Favorites
    • Chat name header - Easily get to your contact's or group's profile and settings.
    • search button Find - Search for a specific message within a chat.
    • chat gallery Gallery - Find your shared photos, web links, and files easily.
    • add participants button Create new group or Add to Group - Add a participant to a one-to-one chat to make a group or add another participant to an existing group.
    • Add-in button Add-in menu - Find add-ins to get things done in your conversation without switching apps.