Can I use DID with Skype Connect™?

Yes, DID (Direct Inward Dialing) can be implemented with Skype Connect by using Skype Numbers assigned to SIP Profiles and by taking advantage of your SIP-enabled PBX’s functionality and configuration options.

By using Skype Connect, a SIP Profile can be associated with up to 99 Skype Numbers, and can run up to 300 channels. Each of these channels can handle one inbound or one outbound call.

Skype Connect passes details of the calls received to the PBX (technically, via SIP headers). Therefore, even if there are multiple Skype Numbers assigned to a single SIP Profile, the PBX, if correctly configured, can direct the inbound call to the intended recipient or resource, such as a Hunt Group, Auto Attendant or Conference Bridge.

You can also add an extension number when adding a business account to a SIP Profile for inbound calling so that Skype calls are routed directly to that extension.

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