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    How do I change a SIP Profile’s password?

    Before changing the SIP Profile’s password, remember that it’s used by your PBX to connect to Skype. When you change the password, your PBX will not be automatically disconnected by Skype but the new password should be updated in the PBX’s configuration before next time the PBX needs to re-register with Skype.

    If the new password is not updated, your PBX will be unable to connect to Skype the next time that it tries to re-register, resulting in the loss of outbound calling. Inbound calls will also not be received in your SIP-enabled PBX unless the password is updated in your PBX.

    The frequency with which your SIP-enabled PBX will re-register is determined by whether your SIP-enabled PBX is behind a Firewall or NAT (45 seconds) or whether it connected directly to the Internet (3600 seconds).

    We recommend that SIP Profile password changes are coordinated with or by your IT department, or by whoever is responsible for the administration of your PBX equipment. We also recommend that you change your password and credentials in your SIP-enabled PBX at an off-peak time for your business, so to avoid any potential interruption of Skype Connect™.

    To change a SIP Profile's password:

    1. Sign in to Skype Manager™.
    2. Click Features in the toolbar.
    3. In the Features menu on the left, click Skype Connect.
    4. Scroll to the SIP Profile whose password you want to change and click View profile.
    5. In the Skype Connect menu on the left, click Authentication details.
    6. Click Generate a new password. A new password is automatically generated and displayed in the Password field.


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