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    How do I add other members of my Skype Manager to my contact list in Skype?

    As a member of a Skype Manager, you can add other members of the same Skype Manager to your contact list from your account.

    If you’re not yet a member of your company’s Skype Manager, you can contact the administrator of your Skype Manager and request an invite.

    To add Skype Manager members as contacts:

    1. Sign in to your account.
    2. In the Account details section, click Skype Manager.
    3. Click Members list. A list of all of the administrators and members of the Skype Manager to which you belong is displayed:

      Skype Manager Settings

    4. If you want to add a member, click Add as contact. Depending on your browser, a message may be displayed, asking you to confirm that you want to open Skype or asking if you want to allow access to Skype.
    5. Before the contact can be added, you must send a contact request. Enter some text to introduce yourself if you want to, and click Send request:

      A message is displayed, confirming that the contact request has been sent:

    6. You can now add a landline or mobile number for the member. Make sure that you select the correct country code, then enter the number in the field displayed and click Add number. A message confirming that the number has been added is displayed.

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