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I have a problem with my group video call...

First, make sure everyone on the call is using the latest version of Skype – this usually solves most problems.

Next, check that you meet the video call requirementsIf you're still having issues after that, check the information below.

If someone on the call is on a mobile device, they may not have the option to send or receive video streams yet. We’re gradually rolling out this feature so don’t worry if it’s not visible yet – it’s coming.

Some devices or operating systems don't support group video calling. Check the requirements here.

Check that you have enough bandwidth to make a group video call. If you're using a computer, close all applications that may be using your bandwidth or slowing your computer down. If you're on a mobile, close any background apps that might be running, and if possible use a WiFi connection rather than mobile data.

If someone on the call is sharing their screen, turn it off.

The computer or device that’s hosting the group call needs to have enough processing power and network bandwidth for the call. Group calls with a large number of people can sometimes put too much strain on the host device and cause call quality problems. Make sure the host has a strong network and powerful processor, or reduce the number of people on the call.

If the host device isn't the problem, the most likely reason for poor vide quality is a bad internet connection. Check out our guide to solving connection issues for help with this.

If the internet connection is good and you're still having video problems, check our troubleshooting guide for more help.

Note that you can only have a group call with up to 25 people (24 plus yourself).

You need a little Skype Credit or an existing subscription to add mobile or landline contacts to a Skype group call.

Currently you can't start or join group video calls on Skype for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

You can start and join a group video call with most iOS devices, except the following:

  • iPhone 4 and below
  • iPod Touch (4th generation and below)
  • iPad (1st generation)

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