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If you’re having issues with your calls, it’s probably caused by an internet connection or computer hardware problem.

  Connection problems Hardware problems

Poor or unstable connections cause a number of problems. It's always best to first check your connection if you're having issues with call quality.

Visit our Connection Troubleshooter

If the Connection Troubleshooter didn't improve your call quality, you might have a hardware issue.

Microphone troubleshooter: Contacts can’t hear you.

Speakers/Headset troubleshooter: You can’t hear your contacts.

Webcam troubleshooter: Your contacts can’t see you.


Also, make sure your computer itself has enough power to run Skype. If you or the person you're talking to have a lot of programs open, try closing some (or all of them). If you're using Skype on a laptop and you're in power-saving mode, try plugging your computer into AC power or switching it to maximum performance mode. Make sure that both you and the person you're calling have the minimum system requirements to run Skype. You can check whether your computer is causing performance problems in the Computer tab of the Call Quality Monitor.


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