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    How do I change the display language in Skype for Windows RT?

    Skype for Windows RT takes its language settings from the Windows RT operating system, so you need to change the display language of Windows RT to change the language in Skype.

    To change the display language of Windows RT and Skype:

    1. In the Windows Start screen, type “language” to open the search bar. Then select Settings to filter the search matches.
    2. Select Language from the search matches on the left side of the screen.

      Language selected from the search results.
    3. Tap or click Add a language.

      Add a language selected in the Language window.
    4. From the menu that opens, select the language you want to use in Skype (Estonian, for example), then tap or click Add.

      The Add button selected in the Add languages window.
    5. The language is added. Click Options on the right side of the added language line.

      Options selected in the added language line.

      Make sure you only add the languages you really need as adding too many languages may affect the system performance and take up the disk space.

    6. If the language is available for download, you can select Download and install language pack.*
      *To install a language pack you’ll need to have Administrator rights.

      The Download and install language pack option to be selected to install the language.

      If you want to uninstall a language pack, you can do so by selecting Uninstall language pack.

    7. The Download and Install Updates screen opens and the installation starts. Wait until the installation process is complete.

      Download and Install Updates window displayed.
    8. To set the new language as your display language for Windows 8 and Skype, tap or click Move up to move it to the top of the list.

      The Move up option selected to move the language to the top of the list.

      If you’re sharing your device with someone, you can switch between the languages at any time, by moving the preferred language up.
    9. Restart Windows RT and log in again. Both Windows RT and Skype will be displayed in the language you added and moved up.

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