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    What are the available keyboard shortcuts in Skype for Windows RT?

    Using the following shortcuts makes Skype for Windows RT even more accessible*:

    • Use the Backspace button on your keyboard to get back to the previous screen.
    • Use the Windows The Windows key +V key combination on your keyboard or swipe up (Narrator touch) to set keyboard focus on the notifications to answer calls.
    • In the dialer screen, you can dial a number by setting focus in the edit box, typing the phone number on your keyboard, and then pressing Enter (no need to tap the Call button).
    • Use the Alt+Z shortcut to show/hide the app bar.

    *Skype for Windows RT supports the Narrator screen reader application.

    How do I grant Skype access to my webcam and microphone?

    When you start Skype for the first time, a dialog box asking for the permission to use your microphone and webcam appears.

    The dialog box asking for your permission for Skype to use your webcam and microphone

    If you’re using a screen reader, the question asking for your permission will not be read aloud, you’ll only hear the options you can choose from: Allow or Block.

    If you’ve chosen Block, Skype will not be able to access your microphone or webcam and you can’t make audio and video calls.

    To enable your microphone and camera for Skype, swipe from the right edge of the screen and select the Settings charm, then select Permissions and Allow access to your camera and microphone. Learn more.

    Why does my touch screen freeze during a Skype video call?

    Your screen may start freezing when you use the single-finger flick gesture to navigate while in a Skype video call on a touch device. To resolve this, your contact needs to end the call. Then you can make a call again.

    To prevent the screen freezing, you can use the three-finger flick gestures.

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