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How do I use the call from mobile feature in Skype Click to Call?

From October 20th 2016, Skype Click to Call will be retired. Learn more.

Skype Click to Call makes calling numbers from web pages simple. The call from mobile (Beta) feature lets you send a number from a web page to your phone so that you can save it or call it later.

Call from mobile is only available on Android phones, where you have Skype version 5.3 or above installed. Download Skype from the Google Play store.

To use ‘call from mobile’:

  1. Hover your mouse over a blue phone number on a web page, and in the drop-down box that appears, click Call from mobile.

  2. Sign in to Skype when prompted.
  3. On the call from mobile page, click Send. The phone number is sent to your mobile phone.
  4. Tap the notification on your phone, then tap the green Call button in Skype to start the call.

Learn more about Skype Click to Call.

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