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How to start a Skype call from Slack

Important information: Skype integration for Slack will be discontinued from March 31st, 2017.

Once you've set up your Skype integration for Slack, you can start a free Skype call from Slack. 

Starting a call

You can only initiate a Skype call in Slack from your desktop and if you are the team admin or a full Slack member. Slack guest members can't initiate Skype calls.

From your desktop type the slash command, /skype, in Slack. You'll then be prompted to start the call in Skype before others can join.

Clicking on the link will open Skype for Web where you can:

If you are not already logged into Skype for Web

  • Log in using a temporary Skype guest account - Keep in mind you can only join a Skype call with a guest account via Skype for Web. 
  • Log into your existing Skype account.
  • Set up a new Skype account. If a new account is created, you'll need to go back to Slack to click the Join call link again.

If you are already logged into Skype for Web

  • Join the call with your existing Skype account.
  • Sign in with another account.
  • Join using a temporary Skype guest account. 

Once you've logged in, the call will be set up and ready for your teammates to join. They will receive a notification in the same Slack conversation to join the call.

You will see the lobby screen if no other participants have joined the call from Slack – don’t worry, it’s waiting to connect the call once others join.

As the host of the call, once you leave, the call will end and that Join call link will expire. The group can continue the call by clicking the call button from within the Skype group that was created for that call or to start a new call, type /skype again.

I've initiated a call but can't start it

You may receive a message saying "It looks like Skype for Web is open on other tabs or browsers. Please close them and refresh this tab to continue."

Skype is integrated into other products like, and If you are logged in and running Skype on any of these products, you will need to close those tabs and restart the call from Slack. 

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