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    Finding your way around Skype MOD for Cyanogen

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    Skype MOD for Cyanogen integrates your Skype contacts directly with the Contacts app on your Cyanogen device, and allows you to make Skype calls right from the Phone app. Keep reading to learn more about the Skype MOD for Cyanogen features.

    You can sign in to Skype MOD for Cyanogen the same way you sign in to Skype for Android. Additionally you can sign in from the dialer and the Contacts app:

    • Sign in from the dialer: There is a prompt to sign in to your Skype account where your credit is displayed. This takes you to the Skype app.
    • Sign in from the Contacts app: There is a prompt to sign in under the Skype tab. Alternatively, there is a prompt to sign in when you expand any contact card.

    You can see, search and call your Skype contacts and Skype favorites directly from the Contacts app:

    • Skype contacts are automatically merged with your phone contacts. If a Skype contact has a phone number that matches a phone number on your device contacts, the contacts will be merged so you will see all their contact information in one place. You may need to tap See all to expand a contact card.
    • Skype Contacts appear under the All Contacts tab. There is also a Skype tab that shows only your Skype contacts and their status. And Skype Favorites appear under the Favorites tab.
      It may take a little time for newly added contacts to appear in the list.
    • To invite contacts not on Skype, go to their contact card, and tap Search Skype directory.

    If you can't see your Skype contacts in the Contacts app, try the following:

    1. Ensure you are signed into Skype.
    2. In the Contacts app, tap Accounts from the menu. Or go to Settings > Accounts.
    3. Tap Skype, ensure Contact sync is set to On.
    4. If contacts are still not appearing under the Skype tab, go to Skype  > Settings > Contacts, and select Copy to phone book.

    In some cases, if users sign out of a Skype account that was syncing Skype contacts and sign into another Skype account, then the Contacts app might not be updated correctly. In that case, try the following to wipe the app data for both Skype and the Skype plugin:

    1. Go to Settings > Apps, and select Skype.
    2. Tap Storage, and select Clear data.
    3. Repeat the same step for Skype plugin.
    4. Go to Settings > Accounts, ensure Contact sync is set to On.
    5. Reboot the device.

    If a Skype contact is not automatically merged with a phone book contact, try the following:

    1. Ensure the Skype contact has the phone number set in their profile.
    2. If they do, go to Settings > Accounts > Skype, select Sync now from the menu and wait for some time (e.g.. one hour).

      Alternatively you can:

      1. Go to the Contacts app and find the phone book contact.
      2. Tap to edit, then tap Merge.
      3. Select the Skype contact to merge with.

    You can start Skype calls to your contacts directly from the Phone app. You can also make low cost calls to mobiles and landlines using your Skype Credit or subscription.

    From the Phone app, you can:

    • Use contact search, T9 search, or type a phone number to start a call.
    • Switch from cellular calls to Skype calls using the drop-down menu in the dialer.
      switch call
    • View your Skype Credit balance, top-up, or purchase a subscription or credit from the dialer by tapping Add Credit, then select Buy Subscription or Buy Credit.
    • Switch from a cellular call to a Skype video call when you call a friend who is using a Cyanogen or Android device.

      When you're on a cellular call, tap the video button to start a Skype call. Your friend will receive an incoming call while your current call won't end or be placed on hold. When they answer, your call will automatically transfer to a Skype video call.

      If your friend isn't a Skype contact, after you tap the video button, you'll be prompted to invite them. And they will have to accept the invitation before you can call them on Skype.

    • View your call history, including Skype calls. Skype calls are displayed with the Skype icon icon.
    • For more options such as video calling, from a contact card, tap See all.


    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling