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Common questions and known issues with Skype Preview for Android and iOS

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Skype Preview for Android and iOS is the latest mobile version of the Skype Insider Program and provides you access to the newest features – before we introduce them to the rest of Skype. While you’re having fun, know that this is a work in progress, so we’ll be hoping to get your vital feedback as we add enhancements and features.

Yes, you can. For the best experience, we recommend being signed in to one app at a time on your device.

Tap the heart icon on the main screen, or select the Send feedback link from your profile.  

  1. Launch the app. 
  2. Sign in and enter your Skype ID, phone number or the email address associated with your Skype account. 
  3. Select Forgot password

Use the media slider to control the ring volume. 

You can view your Skype Credit from your profile. We haven't built the functionality to add Skype Credit into the app yet but you can sign in to your account on to add it. 

Previously, on Skype, your friends and family had to send you a contact request and wait for you to accept it before you could talk to them. With Skype Preview, this is no longer necessary. Your friends and family can talk to you immediately and you can do the same. 

When someone reaches out to you for the first time, you can choose to accept or block messages or calls from that person. Before you accept, they will be restricted to sending you a limited number of messages and any media content is censored to protect you from spam. 

With Skype Preview, all users show their last Active state by default. From your profile, you have the option to change your presence to Do not disturb.  

We haven't built this functionality to remove conversations into the app yet but you can sign in to your account on to remove conversations. 

To save photos or video, expand the media to full view, select the share icon, and then select Save to camera roll

To copy a link from a message, long press in the message area around the link you want to copy, then select copy

Search for the contact you want to block or unblock, select their profile, and then select block or unblock

Favorites are not yet supported in Skype Preview, but you can select a profile and pin the conversation to your list for easier access. 

We haven't built this functionality to forward calls into the app yet but you can sign in to your account on to set up call forwarding.

We haven't built this functionality to turn a one-to-one call into a group call into the app yet but you can create a new group, add participants, and then start a call. 

Devices running iOS 9 are supported, though currently we have not optimized for iPad.

Devices running Android 4.4 and higher are supported, though currently we have not optimized for tablets.

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