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    How can I use Cortana in a chat with Skype?

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    Cortana is a cloud-based personal assistant that works across your devices and Microsoft services. You can use Cortana in Skype to set tasks or find information such as restaurant or movie times. Cortana in Skype also makes helpful suggestions in your Skype conversations. Currently Cortana in Skype is available on most mobile and desktop platforms (except Skype for Windows 10) in English only. We'll be rolling this out to more countries soon.

    Cortana works best when you give her permission to sign you in and use data from Skype such as location and IM conversations to personalize Cortana experiences in Skype and across any device or service in which you have enabled Cortana. For more information about how Cortana uses data, visit our site Cortana and privacy. You’ll be signed in to Cortana with the same Microsoft Account you use to sign in to Skype.

    If you choose not to give permission, Cortana will still provide you with non-personalized replies and suggestions. Cortana will only use your information to provide replies and suggestions within Skype. 

    You are in control of the data you share and we want to make sure it’s the right choice for you.

    To opt out of personalized Cortana experiences and sign out of Cortana:

    1. Select your Profile Picture.
    2. Select Settings settings button.
    3. Select General settings button
    4. Under Cortana, toggle Personalization off. 

    Note: If you turn off personalization you won’t be able to chat with Cortana.

    To turn off non-personalized suggestions:

    1. Select your Profile Picture.
    2. Select Settings settings button.
    3. Select General settings button
    4. Under Cortana, toggle Suggestions off. 

    How do I chat to Cortana to create a task or find information?

    1. Cortana will be automatically added as a contact. From your chat screen, select or search for Cortana
    2. Once you start chatting, she'll ask you to give permission to sign you in and use your location and IM conversations to personalize replies and suggestions in Skype and in Cortana on other devices in which you have her enabled.
    3. Select Agree.
    4. Start chatting.

    Note: If you haven't updated your Skype account to a Microsoft account, you'll be taken through the process to enable Cortana. Learn more.

    How do I use suggestions in conversations?

    In a chat conversation, you’ll see suggestions such as smart replies, emoticons or tools such as GIFs, weather, movies or restaurants. Just select the suggestion to send a reply or find and share content.

    If Cortana's suggestions aren't helpful, you can select the menu beside the suggestions to send feedback.

    If you haven’t given permission for Cortana to sign you in then some suggestions, such as Create task, will prompt you to give permission to sign in and use your location and IM conversations.

    How do I remove Cortana?

    1. From Chats, tap and hold or right-click on your Cortana chat.
    2. Select Delete conversation from the menu.
    3. In the confirmation window select Delete again.

    When you delete the chat all the messages in the conversation will be deleted and it will no longer show on your Chat screen. The chat will be deleted from Skype on that specific device, but will still be visible on other devices unless you delete it from there too.

    Does Cortana work in voice or video calls?

    No, currently Cortana only works in chat.

    No emergency calls with Skype
    Skype is not a replacement for your telephone and can't be used for emergency calling