Finding your way around Skype for Web

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    Skype for Web is the easiest way to enjoy Skype’s features that you're familiar with in the desktop app, without having to download it. You can sign in to Skype for Web and start chatting right away. You’ll need to use Microsoft Edge, Chrome or other supported browsers. Learn more about the supported browsers for Skype for Web.

    What can I do with Skype for Web?

    Select your profile picture profile picture where you can:

    Web Skype Profile and status

    • Update your status to Active, Away, Do not disturb, or Invisible.
    • Customize your mood message to whatever you're feeling or use preset examples like Be right back or Out for lunch.
    • Access Bookmarks.
    • Invite Friends.
    • Access Skype profile.
    • Add Skype credit or a subscription from Skype to Phone.
    • Get a Skype Number.
    • Access the Settings menu.
    • Access our download page from Get Skype app.
    • Find out What's new.

    Select the more menu button More menu to quickly access:

    Web Skype more menu
    • Settings menu.
    • Help and feedback.
    • Keyboard Shortcuts.
    • Sign out.

    From the main Skype window you can access:

    Main Web Skype screen

    • Search button People, groups & messages - Search for your friends, groups, or a conversation quickly.
    • dial pad Dialpad - Access the dialpad to make a call.
    • chat button Chats - View your recent chats, favorites, and start a new conversation.
    • call tab Calls - Find your recent calls or make a new call to one of your contacts.
    • Contacts tab Contacts - Go to your contacts where you can add a new contact, see your Favorites and easily filter your Skype contacts to show who is Active Now on Skype.
    • notification tab Notifications - View your Skype notifications.
    • Chat filter Chat filter - Sort your chats by Time or Unread or Hide favorites.
    • Skype meet now Meet Now - Get a group together for an instant meeting.
    •  New chat button New Chat - Start a new group chat, a new one-to-one chat, or a new Private Conversation.
    • Chat name header - Quickly get to your contact's or group's profile and settings.
    • Search button Find - Search for specific text within the chat.
    • chat gallery Gallery - Find your photos, web links and files shared in the chat.
    •  Create new group or Add to Group.

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