What are Favorites and how do I manage them in Skype?

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    Favorites make it a cinch to quickly find your contact or chat in Skype. Whether you’re looking for your best friend or your soccer team's group chat, once added to favorites, they will show at the top of your Chats or Contacts tab for easy access.

    How to add a chat or contact to favorites

    1. Select either the Chat tab Chats or Contacts tab Contacts tab.
    2. Tap and hold or Right-click on the chat or contact and select Add to favorites.
    3. You will see your list of chat favorites in your Chat tab Chats tab and your list of contact favorites in your Contacts tab Contacts tab.

      Note: On Skype for Android 4.0.4 - 5.1, you can only add a contact to favorites.

    How to show or hide chat favorites

    1. Select the Chat tab Chats tab.
    2. Select the filter button: 
      • Recent chats desktop chat filter button on desktop
      • Android and iPhone filter button on Android (6.0+), Android tablet, iPad, and iPhone
    3. Select Show favorites or Hide favorites.

    Note: The show or hide favorites feature is only available for chats.

    How to remove a chat or contact from favorites

    1. Select either the Chat tab Chats or Contacts tab Contacts tab.
    2. Tap and hold or Right-click on the chat or contact and select Remove from favorites.

      Note: On Skype for Android 4.0.4 - 5.1, these steps only apply for removing a contact from favorites.